We love soy wax candles because they are made with natural oil from soybean plants. They smell amazing and burn cleaner than other styles of candles with significantly less soot. They are great options for anyone who loves a good candle but especially those who are sensitive to traditional candles. Soy wax candles last longer than many candles and are naturally more fragrant. Create an environment everyone can enjoy with one of these great options.

Each hand-made scented soy candle sold is crafted in our shop in Tennessee, and our amazing products are available everywhere. All our products are made with natural ingredients which help your family and friends steer free of unwanted irritants while enjoying your favorite scents. Every soy wax candle available has a unique fragrance of custom blended scents to match your unique style. With countless options to choose from, it might be hard to pick just one.

Shop the Lynchburg Soap Company Soy Wax Candle collection today and fall in love with your new favorite scent today. Looking for more ways to incorporate your favorite scent into your everyday routine? We also offer soaps, bath bombs, shampoo bars, wax melts, and bath accessories too.

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