Soap: (n) a cleaning product made from the chemical reaction between an acid and a base. The resulting chemical reaction, called saponification, produces soap!


We combine the cold-process method with special ingredients like goats milk and natural exfoliants to make our handmade blend of goat milk soaps, shampoos and bath bombs.

exfoliants mixing handmade goat milk soap small batches lavender buds

Oils are heated to a precise temperature
We blend in goats milk, mica color, scents, and exfoliants
Add the lye and blend

    color added to goat milk soap handmade in small batches soapmaking

    mixing soap into moulds goat milk soap handmade in small batches

    While the lye and oil chemical reaction begins to take place;
    We pour the mixture into their prepared molds
    Each batch rests for 48 hours before its ready to cut
    mould of goat milk soap handmade in small batches

    handcutting goat milk soap bars orange clove soap bar handmade in small batches

    Carefully removed, edges trimmed, we’re ready to cut
    We cut our batches into loaves, and again into bars
    Shampoos are made in tubular molds!

      lsc employee cutting rose soap goat milk soap handmade in small batchesarranging soap bars to cure on racks lsc employee goat milk soap bar eucalyptus soap handmade in small batches

      Bars need a bit of space to cure and breathe
      Saponification takes up to 6 weeks to finish
      Once fully cured, bars are ready to use!

        goat milk soap bars arranged for curing up to six weeks handmade in small batches

        shoppers picking goat milk soap scents at the nashville farmers market handmade in small batches